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Ethics & Commitments

Ethical and eco-responsible Maison de Féminité: Where sustainability meets style

A European story

We have chosen to work exclusively with French and/or European companies for several reasons. First of all, we are proud to support the economy of our country and of the European Union by collaborating with local businesses. In addition, working with French and European companies allows us to guarantee a high production quality and to respect strict work and environmental standards.

Designated by our Team in Paris

Our team of experienced designers have worked diligently to create a collection that is both beautiful and functional. From intricate lace details to delicate embroideries exclusively produced for Fillandises in collaboration with recognized French lace makers and embroiderers such as Broderie Leveaux.

Local fashion, French chic

As a Parisian lingerie and homewear brand, we are proud to contribute to local production by manufacturing 50% of our collections in Paris. We firmly believe that local production is essential to minimize the environmental impact of our industry while supporting local talent. We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to create top quality products that adhere to the highest ethical standards. We believe that our commitment to sustainability and ethics helps create a more responsible future for the fashion industry.

Made in Paris

For us, local production is the key to success. We are proud to manufacture a large part of our collections in Paris, the city of fashion par excellence. This allows us to maintain strict quality control while supporting local manufacturers. It also allows us to minimize our environmental impact by reducing the movement of raw materials and finished products. You can therefore be proud to support local production and be assured of owning products made with care and ethics, while supporting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Textile innovation

Therefore, it seemed essential to us to engage in textile innovation by using sustainable materials in our collections. Thus, for our next collection of swimwear, our choice fell on a fabric composed of recycled fibers from waste from the sea to create elegant and ecological products. We will also continue to use organic cotton for our sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as cotton and modal for our Aomamé lines. We firmly believe that the use of sustainable materials is essential to protect our planet while providing quality products to our customers.


We believe that fashion should not be at the expense of the environment. This is why we have chosen to use dormant stocks of fabrics and to recycle supplies from old collections to produce our new collections. These criteria therefore fall within our specifications. By using existing materials and giving a second life to supplies from old collections, we can reduce our consumption of resources and our environmental impact. It's a way for us to create unique and exclusive products while respecting the environment. With Fillandises, you can be sure of owning products made with care and ethics, while supporting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“Our responsibility as a lingerie and homewear brand is to create sustainable, ecological and ethical products, while offering the comfort, quality and style that our customers are looking for. We believe this is possible and are committed to continuing to explore new ways to do so.”

– Martine Istanbullu, Founder