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Benedetto, it's easy it's Ben! And he is the most Parisian of the Italians in the capital. With a little luck, you will be able to see him on his beautiful bike delivering his jams... So himself... Yes, yes !

At the beginning he came to Paris to make pastry, without having a precise idea ( and if you could taste his wild blackberry tarts!)... Then he discovered that it is to make jams that he wanted the most.

When he was studying at the cooking school of San Giorgio, they had received a visit from the Alsatian Chistine Ferber, "the fairy of jams" . The young  Benedetto  had been designated to be her assistant during this course and it was hard, because she only spoke French and he didn't, at the time. But he had been fascinated by the passion and quality of work of this woman from elsewhere. And he understood that one day he too would make jams. But in his own way . Different.

And that's it, he does it, just like a grown-up, from cleaning the fruit to the wax seal on the pot... As he says: " If you do a tlouc, you do it well!"

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