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Guest brands - Alluriel

Alluriel is my story, that of a Scottish woman who came to Paris for love, passionate about fashion, but above all about clothing.

As far as I remember, I have always worked on clothes, fabrics, accessories. Already a little girl, near Glasgow, my mother had given me for my 8th birthday a sewing machine with which I designed entire wardrobes for my dolls. So, quite naturally, after my design studies in Edinburgh and once I arrived in Paris, I became a designer with always this same passion for clothing, its construction, its manufacture and its style. For me, clothing is a response to a deep need to please, to please yourself, in order, ultimately, to feel good. It contributes to the happiness and harmony of each of us.

Alluriel is therefore above all trendy, well-designed, quality clothing with a cut aimed at a single objective: to highlight the silhouette of those who wear them. Over the past 25 years, I have always followed this guideline, whether in the technical offices or as a team leader within French or foreign brands. I've always wanted to be as close as possible to the garment, sometimes even having to exchange directly with seamstresses from Bangalore to best translate what was imagined thousands of kilometers away in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.

Alluriel is finally my commitment. My collection is in satin cotton, cashmere or modal made with suppliers with whom I have worked for years, in Shanghai, Delhi or Porto. I know their factories and I therefore know that my products are made in compliance with ethical rules and human rights.

Alluriel is now my universe and I invite you to it.


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