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Fillandises has always worked for a dignified and respected femininity.

During 2019, the brand is working in collaboration with several associations which have the same values.

At the beginning of the year, Fillandises made a particular commitment to allow unconditional access to a fundamental right: menstrual hygiene . We initiated a petition last March for the free sanitary protection . In this line, we also have installed a donation box in the shop which allows you to collect tampons and towels for associations of redistribution to women in difficulty.

Also, since October 2019, we worked hand in hand with Pink Bra Bazar , who raises awareness breast cancer and donated part of our October sales to the Le Cancer du Sein Parlons-en association.

In November 2019, it is a new movement that we are going to join, the one initiated by the #NousToutes collective which advocates gender equality and encourages people to say a stop to sexist and sexual violence.

#NousToutes invites all of France next Saturday, November 23 to participate in a large-scale mobilization across the country, which will denounce sexual and gender-based violence and to encourage the government to provide political responses commensurate with the challenges!

Because more than 130 women died under the blows of their spouse in 2019 , because out of 88 complaints filed for domestic violence, only 20% are not dismissed, because violence isolates , because every day, in our country, women are victims of violence psychological, verbal, economic, medical, physical or sexual, and because many French people remain unaware of this violence, Fillandises will participate in the November march!

Marion, member of the collective clearly explains the November 23 movement “We are organizing this march for several reasons. So that no woman feels alone in the face of violence and to tell them that we believe them. Then, so that there is an electric shock. There have been MeToo but now we have to move from talk to action. We want people to realize that it's extremely serious and that at their individual level they can do things, the tools exist. Finally, we would like there to be a profound social change, effective public policies and the financial means that follow.”

Dozens of French associations will join the procession, among them: National Women's Rights Collective, Still feminists!, Excision, let's talk about it!, Fund for women in the Mediterranean, The League for Human Rights, Family Planning, Solidarity Trade Union, etc.

For information, the Meeting is fixed at Opéra in Paris , on Saturday November 23rd. The end of the march will be in Nation.

Good to know : the color code is purple. Scarves will be distributed.

We will be there ! Are you joining us?

More info following this link

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