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In a few days, couples will lovingly celebrate Valentine's Day .
Valentine's Day, at Fillandises, we like it… It's romantic and it brings out the part of femininity in the boys who suddenly offer roses, give tender kisses on the neck and write poems.

Because February 14 will fall on a Thursday this year, the Fillandises team had a brilliant idea...

When an event falls on weekdays, we generally don't have time to prepare: we run in all directions between work, we jump the barriers to pick up the children from the crèche on time... Because with the day busy that you are going to spend, you will not have time to make yourself beautiful for your romantic evening, Fillandises invites you to come to the store from 4 p.m. for a girly end to the day that will allow you to prepare for the evening with the darling.

In the program : learn how to choose the right lingerie with the advice of our team, gourmet nibbles with Shanty biscuits and nail bar to achieve a fabulous manicure for the evening.

Because everyone is not necessarily in a relationship on Valentine's Day, but no one wants to be alone while the others flutter about, Fillandises also of course invites all singles to our pre-evening on February 14! This girly and fun moment will allow you to spend good times with friends around little sweets!

We've thought of everything: decorative objects from the Renée Recycle brand , jewelery from the Constance Collection and Fillandises "Valentine's Day special" lingerie and clothing will be available in stores that day... who is welcome by the way!

Also, if Monsieur is still hesitating about the gift he intends to give you for Valentine's Day or for another occasion, Fillandises has imagined a selection to offer that will please you for sure! #gift ideas :

For Valentine's Day

The pretty Cléo line: Body, triangle and underwired bra
The “Parisienne de Coeur” black T-shirt
The white T-shirt “Paris mon amour”
The “I have nothing against love” sweatshirt

For the Antis – Valentine's Day

The elegant Garance line: body, triangle and underwired bra
The pink “Girl gang” T-shirt
The “Femininity” T-shirt
The “everyday love, Hollywood love” sweatshirt

Special Valentine's Day gift ideas + nail bar + nibbles + morpho workshop = Fillandises prepares you for February 14, 2019!

Meeting at 23 rue Sainte Apolline in Paris, in the 11th, starting at 16h ! Open to everyone.

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