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Lya is a young dancer from Paris who we discovered on social networks at the beginning of 2019.

What did we like about her? His incredible flow, his sense of rhythm and his adorable little face.

Since March 2019, Fillandises has been collaborating with Lya in different ways:

– Lya wears Fillandises homewear for her workouts

– Fillandises supports Lya during her dance competitions

– Lya takes pictures with Fillandises clothes…

Today, because we talk to you a lot about her on our social networks, we decided to share with you a little ITW of the miss:

“Hello Lya, are you okay?

Hello Fillandises. How are you ! And you?

- Great, thank you ! Can you introduce yourself in a few words: your age, your class, where you live, if you have an animal...

My name is Lya, I'm 11 years old. I live in the 93 in Bobigny and I have a little dog called Floupy.

– At Fillandises, if we like you a lot, it's because you dance. Can you explain to us where this passion comes from?

Sure ! This passion comes from my big sister because before, she used to dance and at home, we danced all the time, we laughed, we had a lot of fun… And that made me want to do more!

- Cool all that! What types of dance do you do?

Hip Hop, Afro and locking*!

– What is your favorite dance?

Afro and locking!

– What are your current projects related to dance?

It is above all to take part in choreographic competitions. For example, with my Crew, we left in April 2019 in Orléans and we arrived 4th.

– That's a great 4th score, congratulations. What is your best dance-related memory?

For participating in this contest!

– Other hobbies?

Boxing and tennis, like my sister (again!). Hehe.

– Why did you choose Fillandises as a partner brand for your activity?

I think it's because my mum always tells me to wear matching, good quality underwear! I love what Fillandises does: pretty and comfortable to wear.

In addition, Fillandises underwear is made in Portugal: my country of origin! I am Portuguese and Guadeloupean.

– Anything else you would like to add / share with us?

I would especially like to thank you for this partnership: thank you for following me on the networks, for supporting me on a daily basis, during my training and competitions. I hope it will last a long time! Goodbye !

Thank you Lya! It's a pleasure. We love being with you. See you soon !

To find out how Lya moves, you can click here or go to his Insta account @lya.luceduarte

Photo credit: @itsjustajart

*Locking is a funk dance invented by Don Campbell in the early 1970s in Los Angeles, often linked to hip-hop culture.

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