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In March, a month marked each year by the date of the 8th, Fillandises chooses to get involved alongside women!

Let's start with a bit of history!

Officialized by the United Nations in 1977, International Women's Day, which has taken place every year since then on March 8, has its origins in the struggles of British women workers who campaigned in the 20th century for better working conditions and the right to vote. Since 1977, March 8 has always been the occasion to take stock of the situation of women. It is also a day of demonstrations and demands around the world to campaign for equality between women and men.

On the occasion of March 8, 2019, we would like to remind you that the Fillandises brand is committed to a fundamental right: that of menstrual hygiene. In this sense, she initiated a petition on for unconditional free hygienic protection in France.

Why does this subject matter to us?

"Femininity from mother to daughter" is our adage... Growing up, understanding your body and becoming a woman are the stages of life through which we all go. Because it is not always easy, it is important for women to transmit self-love and pride to the youngest, with kindness and tenderness. It is also important that the subject of menstruation is no longer taboo because it is part of each of us!

Today many women still do not have the means to obtain hygienic protections, yet essential products which meet a recurring need, one week per month, for the flow of a more or less abundant flow which makes us dependent on our intimate protections…

Because women would spend more than €2,000 on sanitary protection during their lifetime and because we have to hide and not talk about it, let's work for a dignified and respected femininity, live our femininity serenely and allow our daughters, future generations to benefit from this progress; allow unconditional access to a fundamental right: menstrual hygiene.

Feminity is here to stay!

For this, she has started a petition on in order to engage civil society… You can sign this petition here

This petition is to say YES to equality, equal access to basic necessities, because YES, menstrual hygiene is a fundamental right.

Also, a donation box will be installed in store soon. It will allow you to drop off tampons and towels which will then be distributed to homeless and vulnerable women through an association. To your good <3!

Finally, on the occasion of March 8, 2019, Fillandises offers you to win 100 washable towels. In organic cotton, these pads are soft and absorbent in addition to being economical and ecological... They will become your ally during your period! RDV on our social networks to play: the first 100 to like our page and write to will be contacted!

Engage with us!

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