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In January 2020, the entire Fillandises team was at the Millennials corner of the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris to introduce our brand to buyers, journalists, students and fashion professionals around the world.

In front of our stand, there was that of Mathilde, a Body Positive Expert, at the initiative of the style office imperfection .

Body Positivism, for those who have any doubts, is a recent current that advocates self-acceptance, the equality of bodies, the beauty of all, whatever our skin color, our morphology, our hair color... The woman is beautiful, that's all!

Because we were curious to better understand this concept, we discussed it with Mathilde. And in fact, Mathilde is a kind of Wonder Woman of self-acceptance:

– Mathilde is a personal stylist

– Mathilde is a creator of Body Positive shopping experiences

– Mathilde trains sales assistants in ready-to-wear

– And, at the Salon International de la Lingerie, Mathilde hosted and offered several free workshops to all women who wanted them: a “Love your Colors” workshop and a “Love your Size Experience” workshop.

Several members of the Fillandises team took part in these workshops… We make you relive it through the testimony of Camille, one of our models present on site for the Salon:

Love your size Experience

@juchoquer is a photographer, it is with her that Camille begins the workshop: "Justine puts you at ease and makes you wonder about the part of your body that you like or the one on the contrary that does not put you in the most joy. » After a lingerie shoot of the part of the body you have chosen, « it is up to the talented @audrey_leroy to take action”. She is an illustrator and, thanks to a few pencil strokes on the photo taken by Julie Choquer, she will “sublimate us and prove to us that we are magnificent. I loved this experience. »

The results in the main photo! Splendid, right?

Congratulations to @juchoquer the photographer, @audrey_leroy the illustrator and to Mathilde for her original idea.

Love Your Colors Experience

" I then participated in a new experience for me, colorimetry. Colorimetry is the art of highlighting your face with the colors you wear. Because knowing how to dress is not only knowing how to choose the right cuts to enhance your silhouette, it is also knowing how to find the colors that highlight your complexion. To find these shades, it is necessary to define what is its "color profile". This is what Mathilde @imperfectionfr and his workshop offers, through the technique of draping. »

In makeover jargon, draping defines a technique that makes it possible to choose the colors that ideally correspond to a person: for this, we place fabrics of different colors near the person's face and we analyze what suits him best.

“I learned that my profile was that of the “winter woman”: my favorite colors are purple, royal blue, raspberry red, bottle greens and emerald. My basics are black, white, gray and navy blue.
I also learned that I should wear fuchsia or raspberry lipstick. Finally, I must opt ​​for a pink foundation and blush and avoid beige, orange tones and yellow which will dull my face. »

At Fillandises, we are a fan of this type of action that allows women to feel better about their bodies.

Congratulations to this benevolent and bright team. Heart on you!

Ps: the model in the photo on the right is Violette in blue. The second model worn, photo on the left, is the Marguerite.

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