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Here we are in October and October is a nice month of solidarity around breast cancer.

Being a lingerie brand, and having as strong values ​​family ties, friendship, femininity and benevolence, at Fillandises we find it very important to talk to you about the fight against breast cancer, and more particularly about this great initiative. what is Pink October .

Initiated in 1994, by the women's magazine Marie-Claire, of which you may be a reader, and the cosmetics group Estée Lauder Companies, whose products you are bound to know, work to support medical and scientific research and to inform the general public. The association seeks to highlight those who fight this disease, but also to intensify information and awareness and raise funds to help researchers and caregivers.

In 25 years, significant progress has been made in medical research and in the quality of life of patients, but there is still a lot to do and it is therefore important to continue the fight.

In 2003 the Pink Ribbon Prize was created. It aims to support clinical or basic research efforts, innovations and remarkable progress in screening techniques, reconstructive surgery, psychology or even improving the quality of life for women with cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Pink October: many events throughout France

During this month, in the major cities of France you will find information stands, ephemeral places for screening, fashion shows or walks and races organized to support associations fighting against cancer.

Find out around you, there is surely a workshop to attend! These small events are an opportunity to learn more about how to get screened, how to treat this cancer, but it is also an opportunity to support associations and advance progress.

As you know, the heart city of Fillandises is Paris, and that's good, many events will be organized in the capital this month. Here is a little preview :

– First of all, for the launch of the 25th Rose October campaign in France, the Eiffel Tower lit up in pink on October 1 at 8:20 p.m. Thanks to a magnificent sound and light scenography around the iron lady, the solidarity movement was launched in the most beautiful, poetic and gentle way possible.

– To learn more about breast cancer and its fight, on October 5, place de la République, an information village is open to all.

– For the more athletic among you, know that Odysséa races are organized on 6 and 7 October.

– This same weekend, a large dressing room sale organized by Violette Sauvage and Marie-Claire, at the Ellia gallery, will raise funds for research. Shopping while doing a good deed, that's a great idea!

And you will still find many other interesting events in Paris, in art galleries or hotels. Do not hesitate to take a look at the complete October Rose programme, you will easily find it on the Internet.

How to support the fight against breast cancer? Do you want to help with medical research and support for patients?

Donate :

You can do it directly at the association Le Cancer Du Sein, Parlons-en! At the Institut Curie, the foundation for research, fight and care against cancer, or even at the Gustave Roussy hospital, the first cancer center in France. 

Pink October: brands take action against breast cancer

You can also participate in the actions set up by the partner brands of Pink October.

Many partner companies of the solidarity movement offer feminine objects for sale:

– The delicious tea brand Kusmi Tea offers a magnificent shopping bag, designed by lingerie designer Chantal Thomass, at a price of 13 euros. What to do your shopping in style!

– My little Ba&sh panties or even Camaïeu.

– On the cosmetics side, the brands of the Estée Lauder group, partly behind the movement, have also set up special products and offers for Pink October. The famous Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair anti-aging serum is adorned for this month with a pretty pink on its bottle and comes with a pink pompom key ring to support the association. Finally Birchbox offers a beauty box at the price of 34 euros consisting of a set of beauty products for women of all ages.

Good to know: Screening, an essential act to prevent breast cancer

Finally, Fillandises would like to remind you that the best action to prevent breast cancer is to get screened. Early detection saves thousands of lives. Indeed, the earlier breast cancer is detected in the patient, the greater the chances of recovery.

What is the protocole ?

Consult your gynecologist once a year!  

This is important for questions of contraception or pregnancy, but also to ensure medical follow-up. She inspects the chest: the palpation of the breasts and armpits provides important indications. If an anomaly is detected, the patient is brought to practice an ultrasound or a mammography. It is also advisable to practice a self-examination of the breasts every month, to detect an anomaly yourself. You can easily find a diagram of the actions to be performed on the Internet. And from the age of 50, the attending physician or gynecologist must prescribe a mammogram to be performed every 2 years, at least, or every year if he considers it necessary. Patients who have experienced cases of breast cancer in their close circle are particularly monitored.

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to your attending physician, regardless of your age.

Fillandises actively supports the beautiful initiatives proposed during this month of Pink October and hopes that the events organized and the special sales launched will make it possible to collect precious donations, to advance medical research and fight the disease!

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