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Autumn has arrived, and who says autumn-winter season, says new fashion collection. Fillandises is proud to present its new collection of Organic Homewear! In autumn, we find the desire to cocoon at home, sitting with a hot drink, wrapped in a plaid, for a well-deserved reading break. Our new organic cotton t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts will accompany you in these moments of relaxation! They will also follow you without problem outdoors, under a small jacket, or at the gym! 

The Fillandises Organic Homewear collection is soft and feminine, especially with pastel and feminine colors such as heather yellow, nude or candy rose… but many other colors await you. Impossible not to find your happiness! 

For this new school year, Fillandises has collaborated with the talented illustrator Faustine, whom we adore, and we also offer you models adorned with designs specific to our teams. 

The poetic and feminine universe of Faustine in the spotlight at Fillandises 

If you do not yet know the illustrator and graphic designer Faustine, we strongly advise you to take a look at her Instagram account @faustineillustration or on his website ! Faustine has managed to wonderfully illustrate a theme dear to Fillandises: the daughters of the family! The daughters of the family are the mother, the sister, the daughter or even the girlfriend, and the tenderness that unites all these women, as well as their own condition as daughters. 

At Fillandises, we really like Faustine's creations, so it was only natural that we offered her a collaboration. And Faustine also loves our universe, she quickly accepted that we combine our skills. 

Faustine explains that she draws inspiration from everyday "emotions", real "vectors" of her creation. "Expression of the face, body or sensation" are therefore nicely represented in his drawings. Often inspired by "magic, ordinary or extraordinary", Faustine also shares with Fillandises strong values ​​and common themes that are found in her illustrations and our fashion collections: "poetry, grace, nature, love and humor" are therefore present. about this collaboration! Thanks to the ideas of our designer Ilaria and those proposed by Faustine, we are therefore offering you this season a delicate and thoughtful organic Homewear series. Creativity and professionalism have allowed this precious collection to see the light of day. We love these colored sketches, each more adorable than the next! 

Nude T-shirt adorned with two sisters in superheroine mode, white sweatshirt adorned with an Eiffel Tower with pink flowers… which model will you set your sights on? 

Themes dear to Fillandises to be found on the novelties of this season 

In addition to the pretty models created with Faustine, you will therefore also find among the sweatshirts, t-shirts and tank tops of this new Organic Homewear collection, exclusive Fillandises prints, always on the tone of lightness. We wanted to convey important messages and values ​​that are dear to us, such as the idea that femininity is not incompatible with feminism. Yes, you can fight for your status as a girl, for the rights of women in the world, while enjoying being flirtatious and feminine! Among 

the Fillandises themes of this season, you will also find freedom, the love which is our galaxy to all, the importance of taking the time to pamper ourselves, the desire to free our feminine creativity, or even small philosophies: the art of enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life, or even a siesta! Ah yes, sleep is sacred, and what could be better than a pleasant Fillandises t-shirt to fall asleep gently? 

White t-shirt that loudly proclaims "Femininity" in an artistic and pop style, gray sweatshirt with ribbed stripes, adorned with a delicate origami-style bird that sings "Freedom", invigorating ocean blue top, which shows you the galaxy of love or navy “Parisian heart” t-shirt, which model will you choose? 

If this little preview of new organic homewear from Fillandises has piqued your curiosity, don't wait any longer! Take a look at our e-shop or in our Parisian boutique to discover all the models in the collection, and in particular this superb collaboration with Faustine!

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