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A watchword : Body Positive!

Because it was important to us to talk about it, back to the sixth edition of The All Sizes Catwalk which took place at the end of June in the heart of Paris.

On June 28, a hundred models proudly paraded together, advocating a message: beauty is found in inclusiveness! If today the model criteria remain at size 36, the latter is far from being representative of most women. And they were there to prove it! 

Among them: Caroline Ida Ours, a 61-year-old model who parades for many lingerie brands: “I'm a size 44. Each body is unique and that's what makes it beautiful”.

At the head of this collective: Georgia Stein, model and committed woman who organizes these happenings every year to remind everyone, regardless of their size or their morphology and their differences: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SUCH AS YOU ARE.

An event that brought together hundreds of women, but not only! 

A great opportunity to remind everyone that inclusiveness is at the heart of our society, and that it is important to put it in the spotlight. 

Congratulations again to them! And see you next year for the 7th edition.

Photo credit: Sans Complexe Lingerie – TASC
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